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Become Healthier for Those You Love
(Now available in 19 States!)

Based on the latest research and technology, there is more you can do to stay healthy, detect and manage major disease earlier.
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Your Healthier Clinic Personalized 5-Year Prevention Plan

It all begins with a thorough clinical, environmental, occupational, and lifestyle assessment completed conveniently online by a board certified physician prevention expert.

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Personalized 5-Year Prevention Action Plan

After your consultation, and receipt of any uploaded relevant diagnostic information, your board certified physician prevention expert will create your personalized 5-Year Prevention Action Plan... based on the latest science and technology, outlining specific actions you can take to stay healthy, detect and manage major disease earlier!

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See what patients and doctors have to say...
Game Changer!!!

Gary - Patient

Combining tracking data from the Fitbit (calories burned, workout intensity, food intake…) with Dr. Jimenez’s medical

counsel is a game-changer for weight loss. With an accurate history of what is happening from the day-to-day along with a custom “prescription” of tweaks to make, all guesswork is removed to accomplish weight loss goals.

This is the future!

Hasim - Cardiologist

This is the future. When I tell my patients to eat better and

exercise more, they end up buying over the counter vitamins and

pills that often don’t provide any benefit. It is great to have

a service to refer them to now driven by doctors and backed by

scientific evidence.

I Feel More Confident!

Kathy - Patient

Knowing what is healthier is confusing, and often I feel as

though recommendations from “experts” paid out of pocket are

tied in some way fees they receive in return. With the no-bias

guarantee, I feel more confident in the recommendations I am

getting, especially since they are also coming from a physician!

Adopting These 5 Lifestyle Factors
Can Prolong Your Life By 14 Years In Men, 12 Years In Women

Li, Y. et. al. (2018) Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors on Life Expectancies in the US Population. Circulation. 138:345-455.

Never Smoking
Healthy Weight
Regular Physical Activity
Healthy Diet
Moderate Alcohol Consumption
With Physician Prescribed Personalized Prevention
You Could Gain Even More
Prevent 4 Life Programs
Created by a physician prevention & behavior change expert!
Our program was created by nationally recognized disease prevention and behavior change expert, Dr. Andres Jimenez, alumni of Dartmouth, Brown and Cornell, has developed behavior change initiatives impacting hundreds of thousands of doctors and patients. Our Prevent 4 Life programs are the most advanced and comprehensive physician-directed prevention programs there is, to ensure you are on YOUR best path to becoming healthier!

Dr. Andres Jimenez

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