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About this book

This book is about three things. First, to review the outcomes of an unhealthy life, chronic disease and its global impact. Second, to provide the latest scientifically proven facts about how to prevent, and in some instances reverse chronic disease. Last but not least as they say, the third purpose of this book is to help you start living a healthier life!

Like most American families, the outcome of chronic disease has stripped me of loved ones throughout the years, the most significant being my father who is still alive but due to dementia, is no longer the man I once knew.

Healthier is not a destination. From this book’s perspective, healthier is about making choices, healthier choices based on the latest scientific evidence, within the context of real life. By the end of this book, my goal is to strengthen your motivation for a healthier life and save you time by sharing my research to define what it means for me and my family to be healthier.  I hope to provide you with a framework based on scientific evidence to help you make healthier choices within the context of your own busy life!

Table of contents


  1. Foreword

  2. Introduction​

  3. Chronic Disease Epidemic

  4. Industry Failures

  5. Lifestyle

  6. Self-Efficacy

  7. Smoking and Vaping

  8. Healthier Nutrition

  9. Healthier Exercise

  10. Healthier Sleep

  11. Wearables, Ingestibles, and Implantables


About the author

Dr. Andres Jimenez

Chief Medical Officer, Healthier Clinic

"I figured given my background in biochemistry and being a doctor, including multiple ivy league degrees all related to healthcare, I could do a decent job at critically evaluating and filtering out what healthier choices are truly healthy and will be most meaningful for my family.  If you are reading this book, you are my family now!"

  • University of Miami, Bachelors in Science, Biochemistry

  • Dartmouth/Brown Medical Program, Medical Doctorate (MD)

  • Emory University School of Medicine, General Surgery

  • USC School of Medicine, Educational Leadership Fellowship

  • Capella University, Masters in Education, Instructional Design for Online Learning

  • Cornel Johnson School of Business, Masters in Business Administration

  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Masters in Healthcare Leadership

  • Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, eCornell & T. Colin Campbell Institute

  • Medical License in NY, CA, and GA

  • Developed training curriculums used by 1/3rd of all US physicians

  • Developed training software used by physicians in over 1,000 hospitals and clinics