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20% Military Discount

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Healthier Clinic is proud to offer Veterans and Active Service Members a Generous Discount on our HealthPrevent 360 Program.

Who Qualified for the Military Discount?

Healthier Clinic defines first responders as students who are currently (or within the last five years) employed, volunteering, or retired from areas of law enforcement, emergency services, fire safety and rescue work, TSA, and Civil Air Patrol (CAP) senior members.

Click here for a full list of eligible first responders.

How Can I Claim the Military Discount?

Follow the link below to submit a picture of your valid photo identification and one of four acceptable forms of military verification (Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Retiree or Spouse ID Card, VA ID Card, Form DD-124, Certificate of release, or Valid State issued ID or driver's license with "veteran" designation. After review you will receive a discount code via email to use at the time of purchase.

Eligible veterans and active service members

The following active members and veterans are eligible for the Military discount: 

Active members and veterans of the following branches of the United States military

  • Army

  • Navy

  • Air Force

  • Marine Corps

  • Coast Guard

  • Space Force

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  • US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS)

  • National Guard

  • The Military Discount is also available to the current spouse of an eligible service member

Not eligible

The following individuals are not eligible for Military discount: 

  • Dependents of registered service members, dishonorably discharged veterans and non-military members are not eligible to receive the Military Discount

Eligbility Details
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