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HealthPrevent360 and Spartan Races


HealthPrevent360 & Spartan Racing

Leveraging your data from multiple sources, we provide a personalized health plan to support preventing disease and achieving peak physical performance.

Comprehensive Online Evaluation

Personalized 5-Year Plan

Online Consult with Board-Certified MD

Free US Spartan Race of choice in 2024

$589 One-Time Fee (HSA/FSA Eligible)

Get a Free Spartan race registration code after completing the HealthPrevent360 program this month!

Getting Started Is Easy

Start your evaluation today, get your plan in as fast as 1-business day



Electronically share data from your doctors, labs, trackers, and more. Complete our online questionnaires & assessments. Review your personalized 5-Year plan with your board-certified physician online.




Set a race date and follow your plan.  Based on your risk profile it may include preventive services, advanced early-detection tests, and lifestyle changes to not only prepare you for race day, but a longer, healthier life.




Continue with your 5-Year plan, and receive unlimited chat support from our prevention coaches for 12-months. You can also initiate one re-evaluation in the first 6-months to get an updated plan without the physician consultation.

You're Family now



Join Dr. Jimenez, our founder and public health expert, and the rest of our team in a 5K Spartan race at select dates and location around the US. You're family now, as we work towards a longer, healthier life together! 

No Other Evaluation Comes Close

Led by Board-Certified Physicians & the most advanced a secure AI technologies


Trackers via Mobile

Iphone and Android users can share their tracker data using HealthKit or HealthConnect. You are always in charge of what information you share, for how long, and can end sharing at any time.


Prenuvo Whole-Body MRI

If you have already completed a Prenuvo Whole-Body MRI focusing on early detection of over 500 cancers and diseases, we have experience incorporating the results into your 5-Year prevention plan, simply upload the report.


Cleerly Heartscan

If you have already completed a Cleerly Heart scan for early detection of heart disease risk, we have experience incorporating the results into your 5-Year prevention plan, simply upload the report.


Galleri Early-Cancer Detection Blood Test

If you have already completed a Galleri multi-cancer early detection test that looks for a signal shared by 50+ types of cancer, we have experience incorporating the results into your 5-Year prevention plan, simply upload the report.

"HealthPrevent360 helped me transform my health and conquer Spartan Races!"

Gary, HealthPrevent360 patient, and our Chief Operating Officer is one of the reasons we created the HealthPrevent360 Program. Dr. Jimenez interviewed Gary to discuss why this new partnership with Spartan Races is so important, and how it supported his journey to living longer and healthier!


Impact Is At Our Core

We work with Primary Care Physicians in NYC to help them manage the prevention of over 10K patients in economically disadvantaged communities!

Always protecting your privacy and data

We Surpass HIPAA

We surpass HIPAA, and your identifiable data never leaves the US!

We Won't Sell Your Data

We will never sell your personal data, and sharing requires your permission.

Delete Your Data Anytime

You can delete your personal data from our servers at any time.

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