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Our Mission
Healthier Clinic’s mission is to help busy adults that many people depend, to not forget the most important aspect of their ability to provide that support, which is staying healthy.  Preventing disease, and detecting catastrophic disease early, using the latest scientific evidence and available technologies, without bias, and comprehensively personalized to the individual’s areas of greatest need.  Through this mission, we aim to help families avoid unnecessary heart-break and catastrophic loss and disruption, so more families grow stronger and longer.
Healthier Life Book
Our Timeline
Since the beginning, we've focused on the intersection between disease prevention and technology, while maintaining our principles in evidence-based, non-biased recommendations. 
Healthier clinic


We started in 2019, leveraging trackers and the concept of continuous encounters connecting patient and their lifestyle with a prevention expert.

Healthier clinic


The pandemic changed everything, and we leveraged our platform to enable volunteer clinician access to those without insurance for free.

Healthier clinic


As the pandemic evolved, we refocused on the higher chronic disease burden in impoverished communities, implementing the CDC DPP Program

Healthier clinic


With the pandemic stabilizing, we returned to prevention and researching new opportunities to help adults stay healthier, longer, which led to our 5-Year HealthPrevent 360 Program

Healthier Life Book


We launched our service in 19 states using our MVP to better understand our customer needs, and establish product market fit!

5-Year Prevention Plan
Healthier clinic
Our Executive Leadership Team
5-Year Prevention Plan
Dr. Andres Jimenez

Lead physician for HealthPrevent 360 Program. Board Certified in Public Health and Prevention

(click here to view his full background)

Healthier clinic
Gary DeJarnett

Chief Operating Officer

5-Year Prevention Plan
Julio Solis

Chief Technology Officer

Paula Lawlor

Chief Engagement Officer

Online Medical Consultant


Healthier Life Medicine PLLC

109 Taft Cres, Centerport NY 11721

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