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20% Educator Discount

Teacher in Classroom

Healthier Clinic is proud to offer Educators a Generous Discount on our HealthPrevent 360 Program.

Who Qualifies for the Educator Discount?

You must be a current educator in any one of the following settings to be eligible for our educator discount: Classroom teachers, principals and assistant principals, and school employees (PreK-12), as well as College/University Professors.

Click here for a full list of eligible educators.

How Can I Claim the Educator Discount?

Follow the link below to submit a picture of your employee or volunteer badge showing your full name, a paystub less than 90 days old, or signed affidavit issued from educational institution. After review you will receive a discount code via email to use at the time of purchase.

Eligible educators

The following educators are eligible for teacher discounts: 

Classroom teachers (PreK-12)

  • Certified educational assistants

  • Certified substitute teachers

  • Certified teacher aides

  • Certified teacher assistants

  • Certified teachers

  • Child development teachers

  • Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Teachers

  • Faculty

  • Lecturer

  • Instructor

  • Instructional assistants

  • Paraprofessionals

  • Special Ed teachers

  • Specialized teachers (Speech-language pathologists, Hearing impaired, JROTC, Music, Dance, Dramatic arts, Art, Journalism, Speech, Home economics, Vocational education, Adult education, Family and consumer science engineering, Agriculture, Marketing, Athletic coaching, etc.)

  • Substitute teachers

  • Teacher

  • Teaching interns 


Principals and assistant principals (PreK-12)

  • Assistant Principals

  • Headmasters

  • Principals

  • Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents

  • Vice Principals


School employees (PreK-12)

  • Any child development staff (working with children under Pre-K - Kindergarten level)

  • Driver education

  • Head Start teachers/staff

  • Employee

  • Librarians / Educational media specialists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Other school employees (School cafeteria, maintenance, office, computer IT staff, etc.)

  • Pupil personnel services

  • School guidance counselors

  • School nurses

  • School psychologists

  • School social workers

  • Staff


College/University Professors

  • Adjunct Faculty

  • Faculty

  • Instructor

  • Lecturer

  • Professors

  • Professors of a specific department

  • Trade school instructors


Not eligible

The following titles are not eligible for teacher discounts: 

  • Child care

  • College and university employees who are not professors or faculty

  • Retired teachers

  • Teachers with expired credentials

  • Uncertified homeschool teachers

Eligbility Details
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