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Preventive service compliance insights & guidance with HealthPrevent360

Help your officers live longer and healthier, while increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.


Enroll your personnel, through onboarding we collect consent and data


Officers receive in-network recommendations to get up to date on preventive services



Our algorithms analyze the data, to determine preventive service status


Separate insights are shared with your benefits coordinators, and personnel

4 Important Reasons Why Our Program is Critical Today!

Of the $4 Trillion dollars spent on US Healthcare annually, only 3% is spent on prevention.


Not Up-to-Date

75% of adults 50-64 years are not up to date on core preventive services


Have Chronic Disease

60% of adults have one chronic disease, 40% have two or more


New Cancer Diagnosis

Record 2M new cancer diagnosis estimated this year, and in younger adults


Can't Access a PCP

100M Americans lack access to a primary care physician (PCP)

Our HealthPrevent360 Program


Convenient Online

Avoid traffic & scheduling appointments, our specialized AI enabled prevention platform will allow you to complete the entire program, quickly, and conveniently online!


Data Access

With your permission, we can electronically access your clinical data from most sites of care in the US, and your mobile device. This gives us the most comprehensive view to help prioritize your health.


Physician Experts

Thousand's of evidence based rules created by Board-Certified Physician prevention experts  training to interpret prevention research and personalize recommendations.



With our No-Bias guarantee, you can trust our recommendations are based on the science and your health, and not referrals or the possibility to profit.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring for Law Enforcement

Optimize officer wellness with HealthPrevent360's Dashboard. It’s a comprehensive tool combining clinical, lifestyle, and environmental data for strategic health management in your force.


Organ & Lifestyle Health Grades

Quick-view grading for cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurologic (including mental health), alongside lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and activity.


Real-time Metrics

Current health indicators including depression and anxiety scores, diabetes markers, physical activity, and sleep patterns.


Compliance & Utilization Scores

Quarterly updates on adherence to disease management and prevention protocols, with ED visit tracking and appointment wait times for critical specialties.


Environmental Health Snapshot

Concise analysis of environmental factors and social determinants impacting officer health compared to regional and national benchmarks.

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