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About our podcast...

The Healthier Life podcast is aimed to help you live your healthiest life utilizing experts in the health and wellness community and encompassing what we believe to be the four basic health standards: healthier life, healthier immune system, healthier planet and healthier through prevention. Each week we deliver engaging interviews and conversations to provide you with the education needed to steer you and your family towards a Healthier Life.


About our host...


Early on in my life I realized that God gave me a passion and gift to connect with others in a deep and personal way. Pushing through difficult times in my own life has allowed me to help and encourage many people through difficult times in theirs.

I stayed home the past 10 years raising three young high-spirited children.  Although my husband of 15 years is a doctor, I was the driver for a healthier diet and fitness in my home and know how much of an uphill battle that can be.  I was a trainer with a great figure before my family, but getting back into shape with three children and a husband was an entirely different experience.  With the Healthier Life Podcast, I hope to connect with medical experts, mothers, fathers, and people from all walks of life, to help inspire and motivate those listening to the podcast to live just a little healthier each day!

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