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Share your Apple Watch Data

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

You can share your Apple Health kit data with your physician using the below steps. Please keep in mind you will need an iPhone with iOS 15 or later installed.

First, you must include the person in your contacts. If you are a HealthPrevent 360 patient, your physician will provide the clinic's Contact Information and AppleID (email).

Next, open the Apple Health App on your iPhone:

Heart Health

Next, on the bottom of the app, click on the "Sharing" button:

Next, click on "Share with Someone" Do not click on "Share with Doctor". The reason is that when you "Share with Someone", we receive more complete data directly to our secure, Clinic Account with a dedicated Apple ID.

Search for the Health Clinic contact you added at the very first step in this process. Next, select the "See Suggested Topics" button:

Click Next, to SKIP sharing "Health Alerts".

Select "Turn on All" to Share all "Activity and Mobility" Data.

Select "Turn on All" to Share all "Heart Health" Data.

Select "Turn on All" to Share all "Other Useful Health Topics" Data.

Select "Turn on All" to Share all "Lab Results" Data from the Past 12 Months:

Confirm your selections as needed, then click the "Share" button:

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