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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Whether you are flying or driving, eating while on the go can be tricky and anxiety-inducing for some people, but there are some tips and tricks that make eating while traveling seem like a breeze! Overall, it is best to pack as much food as you can, as on road trips food choices can be very limited and food in airports can get expensive. Flying does bring on some more restrictions than just jumping in your car, so let’s start there. Water bottles are not allowed through security, but you can bring an empty reusable bottle and fill it up after getting through security. Premade things like sandwiches can be brought through security in Ziplock bags, so packing a sandwich for lunch or dinner can be a good option instead of buying a pricey one at the airport. Snacks like trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, sliced veggies, protein/granola bars, cereal, crackers, pretzels, and any single item of solid food can be brought through as well. Things like peanut butter must be less than 3.4 ounces as they count as a liquid, so you could pack a banana and a single-serve container of peanut butter for a snack! Some things are difficult to decide if it’s a liquid or not. A cheese stick counts as a liquid so bringing one cheese stick would be fine, but not a whole pack of them as they would be more than the 3.4 oz rule. Other premade dishes that are not liquid can be brought through as well. For example, pad Thai is okay, but miso soup is not. Salads are fine as long as the dressing is in a single-serve packet.

If traveling by car you have complete freedom as to what you can bring if you have the space! Try and focus on healthy snacks that will keep you full for longer. Fiber, protein, and fat get digested slower than carbohydrates. So, pairing a carb snack with a high-fat or protein snack will keep you from snacking as often while driving. Pack things like pretzels and guacamole or a PB&J to keep your stomach full. Plan out what meals you will be traveling through (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and if you want to bring something to eat for them or look ahead to where on the road you’ll be and what options are around. Pre-planning all your meals will make it less stressful and take one less thing off your plate. Make the meals you want to bring ahead of time and make them simple. Like a pre-made salad that you just add dressing to or a pasta salad that can be eaten cold. Having a small cooler ensures you’re being food-safe. If you do need to stop in a pinch somewhere at a fast food or drive-through restaurant focus on items that are grilled rather than fried, choose a salad with lean protein and dressing on the side. Getting kids-sized meals is a good way to portion control things like mac and cheese or French fries. If you’re traveling with kids packing the main meals and stopping for a dessert treat is an easy way to make the trip fun without spending a lot or feeding your kids all fast food.

Eating while traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Being informed before you fly as to what you can bring, and planning out meals ahead of time will make eating on the go a breeze!



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