Personalized, Physician Directed

We are very excited to launch our new program! There are a few features that really set our Healthier clinic apart. First, it's about a trusted relationship with a single doctor, who evaluates your medical history, and works with you to live a more healthier life.

Here are some of the key features

It's super easy to get startedWe offer two programs, and both allow you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) account to pay for them. It begins at $149/month for the first three months. During that time you will meet your physicians who will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, review and/or order diagnostic tests as needed, and establish short and long term goals. During the first three months you will meet with your doctors every month.

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WE DON'T TAKE INSURANCE & WE DON'T HAVE A CLINIC WITH STAFF: If we did, we would have to charge 4-5x as much, add administrative burdens that impede continuity with your same doctor at every visit, and reduce convenience and accessibility.


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