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Reclaim control of your health to maximize energy and time with those you love most, our HealthPrevent 360 program is the most comprehensive virtual prevention program available, developed by Public Health and Prevention expert Dr. Andres Jimenez.

  • Personalized 5-Year Prevention action plan including standard guidelines & emerging early disease detection technologies

  • Comprehensive virtual evaluation including clinical, lifestyle, environmental and occupational

  • Guided by a Board-Certified Physician prevention expert

  • Consideration of labs and diagnostic test results, Fitness tracker and 23andMe data you share

Healthier Clinic' Health Prevent 360 Offers:

Dr. Jimenez is founder and Chief Medical Officer of Healthier Life Medicine PLLC. Dr. Jimenez has developed behavior change initiatives impacting hundreds of thousands of doctors and patients. He is an alumni of Dartmouth, Brown and Cornell, Board-Certified in Public Health and Prevention and Clinical Informatics.

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Healthier Clinic's Health Prevent 360 Program


Convenient Online

Avoid traffic & scheduling appointments, our specialized AI enabled prevention platform will allow you to complete the entire program, conveniently online in days not weeks!


5-Year Plan

Includes standard prevention recommendations, and when appropriate inclusive of emerging early-disease detection blood tests, scans, and genomic studies.


Physician Expert

Board-Certified Physician prevention experts received additional training to interpret prevention research and personalized recommendations.



With our No-Bias guarantee, you can trust our recommendations are based on the science and your health, and our 100% money-back guarantee ensures your peace of mind.

 5-Year HealthPrevent 360 Program
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