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Night shift mode

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We have known for some time now that light exposure impacts secretion of hormones that regulate our circadian rhythm and sleep, most notably melatonin. Recent evidence shows that the blue-frequency light might be detrimental to sleep and restfulness. Despite this evidence, many people unknowingly are exposed to high doses of light at night via their mobile phones, tablets and computer screens. In response, Apple and Android have provided "Night shift" mode to help users minimize the impact on their sleep. Night shift adjusts the color, with the ability to reduce blue-frequency light.


Select the gear icon for settings.

Scroll down and tap display.

Select the "Night Light" option.

I advise setting Night Light to turn on automatically with Sunrise to Sunset.

Now adjust to intensity using the slider in the Status section.


Goto settings.

Tap Display & Brightness.

Tap Night Shift.

I advise setting Night Shift to turn on automatically with Sunset to Sunrise.

Now adjust to Brightness using the slider in the Status section.

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