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Fitbit - Log Exercise

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Your Fitbit device is great at generating data, but the algorithms in the cloud used to take the data generated by the device on your wrist, and convert it into insights about sleep and exercise displayed in the app, aren't perfect. This isn't just a Fitbit issue, for the most part most fitness trackers have a tough time deciphering movements into exercise, particularly non-cardio, and non-running exercise. I've noticed this among my patients, and with my own Fitbit. Fortunately, there is a simple solution...just log it yourself, it only takes a few seconds and worth the additional effort to have a single place to track your overall health (along with sleep, food logs, weight, etc..). Here is how you do it (instructions below for Iphone and the latest version of the Fitbit app):


From the Fitbit dashboard, where it displays the number of days of exercise this week, select the + :

Screen short



If you are going to walk, jog or run, then click start and head on your way, but remember to stop at the end. Otherwise, select Log.




Next, select your exercise. You may need to search for the correct exercise the first time you enter it, but the app will automatically remember going forward. For instance, Weights wasn't there the first time I logged an exercise, I had to search for it in the search field. To keep thing simple, I am going to select Weights.




Now it's time to log your exercise, and it's simple. The default "Starts" day and time is today, but you can click on the field to add in an exercise day/time from the past. Next, select the duration of the exercise, this is important. Based on the type of exercise and duration, the app will calculate the number of calories burned. With the exercise appropriately described, click the add button on the top right of your screen and you are all done!


We hope you enjoyed this post. Remember, with the healthier clinic, you receive a trusted physician advisor focused on disease prevention, to help you become healthier.

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