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Tackling chronic disease

According to the CDC, in 2016 1.5M people died from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes…that is over half of all US deaths that year!

6 in 10 US adults have a chronic disease

“The leading causes of both premature death and persistent misery in our society are chronic diseases that are, in turn, attributable to the use of our feet (physical activity), forks (dietary pattern), and fingers (cigarette smoking).”

*David Katz MD MPH; Director of Medical Studies in Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine

What impacts your health the most?

  • Healthcare (10%)

  • Social & environmental factors (20%)

  • Genetics (30%)

  • Individual Behavior (40%)**

US healthcare driven mostly by insurance is primarily focused on acute care & chronic disease management. Once a year doctor visits in someone without chronic disease is not enough to prevent it.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Remember, with the healthier clinic, you receive a trusted physician advisor focused on disease prevention, to help you become healthier.

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