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No Insurance

By not taking insurance we alleviate much of the administrative burden that has pulled us away from our patients in a traditional practice.

Work From Anywhere

We operate a virtual clinic, using telemedicine for scheduled encounters and our platform to facilitate review of wearable data, and messaging with patients.

Wearable Data

We leverage wearable data as a new vital sign providing visibility into the areas of a patient's life with the greatest impact on health outcomes.

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Make a Difference

Part-Time, Full-Time...the focus is on patients and you, not insurance compliance or long commutes to work.

No Insurance

Today's healthcare insurance model makes it impossible for a physician to adequately care for patients without chronic disease, to prevent chronic disease. Benefits of bypassing insurance include:

New Payment model

We designed a subscription model to maximize value for both patients and physicians. We took additional steps to reduce costs, like eliminating the physical clinic model, focusing on patients without chronic disease, and avoiding the administrative costs of dealing with insurance.


Much of our documentation burden is derived from insurance compliance requirements.  Eliminating the need to justify complex insurance reimbursement, your documentation can now focus primarily on clinical care and continuity.

Paper Work

No additional queries or having to manage denials from payers. According to the widely cited study from the NEJM (1999), 30% of American healthcare expenditures are spend on administration. Eliminating this problem keeps cost down for patients, and work more enjoyable for our physicians.

No Insurance
Wearable Data

It is well known now that traditional clinical care has minimal impact on health-outcomes. Even genetics plays a smaller role than initially anticipated.  Nutrition, exercise, sleep and many other social and economical factors have a greater impact on health outcomes.  We leverage wearable data as an additional vital sign to diagnose gaps and monitor progress in these areas.






Sleep Tracking



Wearable Data
HIPAA Compliant Communication From Anywhere

Just like you and I, our patients like convenience and accessibility.  Most physicians are familiar with AV telemedicine visits, but text messages can also be HIPAA compliant if consented and managed appropriately for both patients and their doctors. 

Telemedicine Visits

Patient encounters take place via our secure telemedicine platform, accessible anywhere with a good internet connection.


Text Messages

Our platform supports HIPAA compliant text and email communication with patients from one place, while simultaneously supporting your documentation.

Work from anywhere
Personalized Wellness
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At the current time, we are only recruiting physician providers (MD or DO) who have at minimum 20 hours per week of available time.

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