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Physician directed wellness focused on nutrition, activity, and sleep.

  • Weekly review of fitness tracker data

  • Monthly telemedicine encounters

  • Detailed guidance

  • Based on scientific evidence

Wearable Data

As you know, despite our tireless efforts during the short amount of time insurance reimburses for with patients, a patient’s lifestyle is a major contributor to the development of chronic disease.  Costs (45%)* and healthy choices (36%)* are major barriers to eating healthier, and lack of motivation (43%)** is a major barrier to exercise.  We believe fitness trackers provide an opportunity to monitor and eliminate these barriers using evidence-based methods directed by a physician.  In a recent survey, 53% of US adults are willing to wear technology that tracks health statistics***, and 75% believe that technology can help with managing health****.  The Healthier Clinic platform was created to connect patients with physicians and personalized evidence base guidance to prevent chronic disease.


Why should physicians lead this charge?

A healthier lifestyle to prevent chronic disease is not new, but without insurance models to empower the patient-physician relationship to guide this, the commercial markets have taken over generating confusion about wellness while differentiating products they sell.  Today 6 in 10 US adults have a chronic disease, and physicians are often to blame for poor outcomes.  Unfortunately, payers today won’t reimburse you to deliver this level of support to prevent chronic disease, and EHRs can’t ingest and help physicians interpret and monitor fitness tracker data effectively, nor efficiently. 


The Healthier Clinic platform connects patients and physicians, through a new model and cutting edge technology in an effort to prevent chronic disease!




Sleep Tracking


Team Work

Our goal is to work closely with Primary Care Physicians, who refer patients to us and in some instances deliver care to patients via our platform. Specialists are welcome to refer patients they believe could benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

Telemedicine Visits

Patient encounters take place via our secure telemedicine platform, accessible anywhere with a good internet connection.


Text Messages

Our platform supports HIPAA compliant text and email communication with patients from one place, while simultaneously supporting your documentation.

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