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Healthier, happier, more productive!

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Using wearable technology, and a dedicated physician, employees receive continuous physician directed guidance focused on nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health.


Nutrition, exercise, and sleep are all connected to health, well being, and happiness. Your employees will also be happy that you provided access to this program.

More Productive

More energized, and happy employees not only translates into more productivity, it also equates to happier and more energized customers!

It matters to employees when you care about their health

Adult views on health & wellness programs offered by their employers (2018, Statista)


Make the company more attractive to potential employees

Help me feel better about my employer

Help me be as productive as I can be

Help me avoid getting sick


Employers have noticed important benefits too

Employer opinion on positive impacts of company wellness programs (2017, Statista)


Fitbit, Apple Watch, we support the devices they want!

We make use of the wealth of data captured by wearable devices like Fitbit and Apple watch, and given the incredible technological advancements in both devices, our platform supports them both.

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Physician directed & cost effective

Each organization is assigned a single physician to manage each individual patient, and to communicate program progress and performance with administrators. 


  • Same doctor for every encounter

  • Online telemedicine encounters

  • Weekly/monthly review of wearable data

  • Unlimited text or email with your doctor

  • Detailed diet and exercise instructions



  • No insurance

  • No clinic to walk into

  • No acute care (we are not an urgent care)

  • No chronic disease management

  • Technology (Artificial intelligence & Machine learning)


No Insurance

Healthier, happier, more productive!

Engagement and progress reports

It is well known now that traditional clinical care has minimal impact on health-outcomes. Even genetics plays a smaller role than initially anticipated.  Nutrition, exercise, sleep and many other social and economical factors have a greater impact on health outcomes.  We leverage wearable data as an additional vital sign to diagnose gaps and monitor progress in these areas.


Telemedicine encounters, wearable data reviews, messaging activity, milestones achieved.


Risk of cardiovascular disease & stroke decreased, nutritional balance, exercise minutes, daily steps, lbs of weight loss, % of body fat lost, sleep balance.

Impact Assessment

Healthy and happy employees are just as contagious as unhealthy ones. Energize your customers by energizing the employees that serve them.

Healthier challenges

Challenges are a great way to bring together your employees, and create a supportive, collaborative work environment. 

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Bring together employees to support each other and reach cumulative goals twice a year

  • Getting ready for summer challenge

  • Seasons greetings challenge

Employees can set individual challenges targeting important upcoming events, and gain support from co-workers.

  • Birthday challenge

  • Anniversary challenge

  • Reunion challenge

Group Challenges
Individual Challenges

Healthier Rockstars!

There is a reason why you will love being a part of our clinic. You will have a doctor you know and trust helping you each step of the way to becoming healthier and staying healthier!

But don't just take our word for it...

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